About us

Familiar story?
You walk in happy to a store.
You want to surprise someone sweet, pretty piece, but unfortunately other things in which you are confronted….
The sellers regret and devastating look at with. What a lot of times even amplified by the unfortunately ,,in this size we do not sell” sentence.
This thing is very depressing it can be not only a plump woman but a WOMAN for.
Years ago, one such incident during the resolution was to put an end to this.
A lot of lines we’ve tried, the design, made on through the products used pending the sale.
One thing is for sure, he needs the beautiful, discerning plus-size clothes all the way extra-large size for.
That’s why we have a big one and we’ve decided we’re moving up.
Was born our pride: DUCILAND shop of.
WHAT a hat underneath is a summary for more foreign maker’s own products.
With us you can find the full offer, which is a women’s active wear just might come up.
Here order you can what elkészítettjük part of your lives.
We try to comply with your slogan for us: Think of a dress we have!
Future vision the same we are not, but
the Our GOAL the proud and very happy to go from us, and pleased to come back and bring your friend, colleague, girlfriend, neighbor.
You feel right at home.
Sincerely, Berecz Zsuzsa